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      其次,考纲内容上,除了财务报表分析(Financial Reporting Analysis)、权益投资(Equity Investments)、其他类投资(Alternative Investments)、固定收益投资(Fixed Income Investments)四门科目考纲要求无变化,其余科目的考纲都有不同程度的内容调整。》》CFA®考纲及解析手册含视频讲解


      一、伦理与职业标准(Ethical and Professional Standards)


      √Reading 4 Trade Allocation:Fair Dealing and Disclosure

      √Reading 5 Changing Investment Objectives

      二、数量方法(Quantitative Methods)

      ★Reading 4 Introduction to Linear Regression,删除关于相关分析的考纲要求:

      √a.calculate and interpret a sample covariance and a sample correlation coefficient and interpret a scatter plot;

      √b.describe limitations to correlation analysis;

      √c.formulate a test of the hypothesis that the population correlation coefficient equals zero and determine whether the hypothesis is rejected at a given level of significance;

      ★Reading 5 Multiple Regression,删除关于机器学习的三条原考纲要求:

      √p.distinguish between supervised and unsupervised machine learning;

      √q.describe machine learning algorithms used in prediction,classification,clustering,and dimension reduction;

      √r.describe the steps in model training;

      ★新增Reading 7 Machine Learning;

      ★新增Reading 8 Big Data Project;


      ★Reading 12 Economics of Regulation中,关于评估行业监管的影响的考纲要求描述有所修改:

      √i.describe the considerations when evaluating the e?ects of regulation on an industry.

      四、公司金融(Corporate finance)

      ★删除Reading 23 Corporate Performance,Governance,and Business Ethics;

      ★删除Reading 24 Corporate Governance;

      ★新增Reading 22 Corporate Governance and Other ESG Considerations in Investment Analysis


      ★删除Reading 41Derivatives Strategies


      六、投资组合管理(Portfolio Management)


      √Reading 46 The Portfolio Management Process and The Investment Policy Statement

      √Reading 51 Algorithmic Trading and High-Frequency Trading


      √Reading 43 Exchange-Traded Funds:Mechanics and Applications;

      √Reading 48 Trading Costs and Electronic Markets,新考纲要求来源于:

      1.2019年CFA®三级科目Trading and rebalancing相关章节;

      2.2019年CFA®二级投资组合管理(Portfolio Management)Reading 51 Algorithmic Trading and High-Frequency Trading.